Whenever I see National websites mention one of the cities in the Capital Region, I have to click on it. This one was interesting and took someone with a $69,000 salary and figured out how they'd spend it in Albany.

According to Refinery29, they found a millennial who makes $69,000/year salary (as a millennial, we call that the financial unicorn because hardly anyone in our generation can do that). She's an attorney who lives with her parents. Ah, there's the millennial. I'm also 29 and only moved out a few months ago. Her husband lives in one room of a house while completing an internship.

The website breaks down the common bills for someone our age, nothing too out of the ordinary (insurance, student loans, savings, retirement, Netflix). Then we follow her as she lives life spending money. The first big spend was on four tires for $295 and are higher or lower depending on the day. As I read through this though, what millennial can go a whole week without spending at least $100 at Target?

It was interesting either way to see the breakdown for a week. Apparently, this woman spent $2253.50 in one week: $54 on food and drink, $780 on entertainment, $150 on home and health, $0 on clothes and beauty, $719.50 on transport, and $550 on other. What do you spend most of your money on each week? Are you like this Albany resident?

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