The news was not taken well by many Capital Region residents a few weeks back when the decision was made by ownership to shut down Grandma's Pies and Restaurant after 42 years.  It had become a staple in the area to snatch up one of their tasty pies around the holidays or stop in for a real home style meal.  Customers were upset and heartbroken when granny closed her doors but after a week, some good news: Grandma is making a comeback!

According to the Times Union, this is the latest. Grandma's Pies & Restaurant, which closed last weekend amid much dismay after 42 years, is due to reopen Aug. 1, according to a comment from management on the restaurant's Facebook page that was posted Friday night.  According to their report, the comment states that new ownership is taking over, but the staff will remain.

Grandma's Pies and Restaurant is located at 1273 Central Ave.


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