I can't even describe this.  The video doesn't do it total justice, but I tried like hell to give you the same thrill I got!Yes,  I actually was lucky enough to get the chance to drive right on the Daytona race track on a tour during my recent vacation.  I was surprised that they would even allow it but they did.

The part that is most amazing is just how much of a bank there is. According to Daytona Intenational Speedway.com, it's over 30 degrees at the turns.  If you walk up it, you won't believe how steep that actually is.  I think you can see this in the video clip.

We also had the chance to see Dale Jr's car up close and personal, along with the pit area.  Yes, I got the opportunity to explore my inner "redneck".   I have to admit, it was one of the highlights of the vacation we took with good friends, Ruth and Mike Schulman.

It's a great tour if you are ever in the area, and not too terribly expensive either.
good friends, Ruth and Mike Schulman.

In my next blog, I will embrace my inner nerd as I take you on a tour of Kennedy Space Center!

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