I saw this and thought, "Oh boy here we go again with some company's promotional video where they try to tug at our heart strings to get lots of shares. Well, I am not going to like it! "   I was wrong. As it turns out it was very well done and the bride's reactions to the proposal and wedding were so real and full of love that I couldn't help but get emotionally invested.

The video was made by Thomas Cook Belgium, they are an airline/travel agancy in Europe with the slogan "Let's Go!" I assume to promote the idea that hey if you need to get away don't think too much , let's go. This of course ties in perfectly with a surprise wedding proposal with the caveat that if you say yes, you have to do it right then, right on the plane.

Again, it just seemed to be so ugh-ing romantic that I knew I would hate it, I tried but I couldn't , even in a foreign language half the time I enjoyed it. Maybe you will have better luck than I did hating it.