Albany International Airport is undergoing a one hundred million dollar renovation but it isn't stopping them from adding more flights. A new discount airline has taken flight and offering direct flights to North Carolina.

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 Which New Airline Is Flying Out Of Albany Airport?

The new airline that started direct flights to Raleigh-Durham North Carolina from Albany International Airport is Avelo Airlines. They offer non-stop flights twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. This will be the first time that Albany is connecting to the capital of North Carolina.

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Albany International Airport Is Looking Into Another Discount Airline

Breeze Airways is another low-cost airline that may be coming to Albany International Airport. They offer non-stop flights to many destinations including Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona is a popular destination for people in the Capital Region. Right now, Breeze Airways flies into Syracuse, Plattsburgh, Newburgh, and Long Island.

Check out these direct and non-stop flights from Albany International Airport.

Fly Direct To These 17 US Destinations From Albany International Airport

There are many destinations you can fly to from the Albany International Airport. But if you are like most travelers, you don't want to have to make a connecting flight. Here are the destinations you can fly directly to from the Albany International Airport. You can hop on Delta, American Airlines, Southwest, Allegiant, and United Airlines.

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