Monday night during the Cryin', Lovin' or Leavin' Show, I had several phone calls with stories about people who were stuck in traffic jams in the Johnstown and Amsterdam areas. This was all because of closed roads due to Hurricane Irene. People that have lost everything. Kevin did an article about a couple of local deaths.



This one call I wanted to share with you because it tells one story that echoes the many stories of the widespread damage in the Albany area and surrounding communities. The caller's name was Briannon (I hope I spelled that correctly - Please forgive me if I didn't). Her mom and dad found their house in pieces. Hearing all the stories and seeing all the pictures are enough to bring a tear to your eye.



The song that she chose I thought was just so perfect. "This Ain't Nothin'" by Craig Morgan.


If you were lucky enough to have hardly anything happen to you because of Irene, and you don't feel sad in any way, then all I can say is you are one heartless and selfish person, after all, these are our neighbors.


Just to let you know how you can help, beginning Wednesday, August 31 at 6 a.m., The Sean and Richie Show will kick off the WGNA Flood Relief Fundraising by broadcasting live from the patio at The Standard Restaurant at Crossgates Mall. They will continue broadcasting all day and night long and are prepared to sleep in tents in the parking lot to ensure that the money is raised. The show will broadcast until a minimum of $10 thousand dollars has been raised in donations.