Has anyone out there experienced this moment - seeing your child walk up onto that stage and receive his college diploma?  Are you able to write about it without welling up and slobbering all over your computer keyboard?  Well if you can, then you're a better man than I.

Our son, Ben, finally did it, and he did it CUM LAUDE (with honors).  He graduated this weekend with a marketing degree from Plattsburgh State University, an institution that seems to be one of the most popular ones around these parts.  Every time I mention that place, at least 2 or 3 people chime in with "I went there!", or "My son/daughter just started there".  It's amazing.  But back to the subject at hand.  Here's the man himself.

photo by Richie Phillips

Notice what he's holding.  Dorrie broke down in tears when she saw those words in print.  I was not far behind.

He really loved Plattsburgh. it seemed to have had a very "down home and friendly" atmosphere, and I should add that it was fairly affordable compared to the insane tuition being charged elsewhere (see article from the Chronicle.com of schools who have joined the $50,000 and up club).  All of us would highly recommend taking a look at it.  Now back to the ceremony at the Plattsburgh Field House.

photo by Richie Phillips

It was SO hard keeping your eyes peeled for him within this sea of caps and gowns, but I think we did OK.  Dorrie sat perched with one camera and I tensely holding the other, hoping one of us would succeed in catching the all important moment when his name was called.

photo by Richie Phillips

We got it!  There's the exact second when diploma changed hands.  He was ALMOST obscured by that speaker stand, but I managed to capture it!  Phewwwww.

It was an amazing day for all of us, and I can only hope that you get to experience the honor and privilege of seeing your child go through this process.  Now excuse me - I have to wipe down my computer before it shorts out.

If you'd like to congratulate YOUR child , do so in the comment section below!