I saw some people discussing this on Albany Reddit today and it made me feel pretty good about our fellow brothers and sisters here in the Capital Region.  A generous and thoughtful "mystery shopper" has been leaving free food at local bus stops throughout Albany and Troy and listing the items and their whereabouts on Albany Craigslist/Free Stuff. 

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Non-perishables like canned goods, tuna fish, and pasta are placed inside metal baskets and left at bus stops throughout Albany and Troy by an anonymous humanitarian looking to feed those who are needy while spreading a little joy.

Who is this caring and compassionate human? Will they ever make themselves public? Why are they doing it? And where will they strike next?

Only time will tell.

But in the meantime, those in Albany and in Troy are told to take as much as they need and given pretty detailed instructions where to find these groceries with this note attached:

"Please help yourself. If you have extra, feel free to leave it. We're all here for each other. If it's empty, let me know and I'll leave more."   -Albany Mystery Shopper 

The mystery shopper also says that he/she will be checking on the food every couple of days or so to see if anything needs to be restocked.

The "bus stop bandit" has left food in baskets at these Albany bus stops so far: Western Ave and North Lake, Whitehall and Manning, New Scotland Ave & S. Lake St (By Sage College), Second Ave and Bogart Terrace and Holland Ave across the street from Walgreens.  In Troy, they left food at the Uncle Sam's bus stop.

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