It happens to the best of us - sometimes when you least expect it.  Your license needs renewing.  It's a task I, like so many of you despise.   I had to go there because I needed to take an eye test, so up the Northway I went to the Clifton Park DMV.  I even brought my stress ball with me, just in case.  You just wouldn't believe what I'm about to tell you.
I begrudgingly walk in the door  of the Clifton Commons DMV with forms that I received in the mail.  In typical stupid fashion, I hadn't filled them out in advance.  I curse myself as I take my place in a line that went from the "sign in" counter right out the the door that I just came in.  That line moved fast.  No complaints there.  A very courteous DMV lady walked among us and got us prepared in advance so it was more efficient.

I sheepishly explained to her, as if confessing to a teacher, that I hadn't done my homework.  She said "no problem, Mr Phillips.  You're just renewing so all you'll need to do is sign here and down there, and take your eye test".  Wow. You mean you're not sending me over to the wall to get more of these forms?  That's odd.


I then was asked to take  the eye test, which always makes me a little nervous.  She inquired if I wanted to keep my glasses on or not to take my turn with the chart.  I told her that without them I wouldn't be able to see the wall, no less the letters.  She laughed heartily as I recited the 7th line down from the top. Done.  No follow-up questions, and an actual smile from the clerk.  What's wrong with this picture?

Then I was given a  number and had to take my seat amongst a handful of people waiting to be called on. I was sure that this is where the system would break down.  DAMN.  What's the deal here?   Within 10 minutes I was called up.  I wrote my check to Andy Cuomo, and that was it.  Huh?  That' all she wrote??

Like I said, I was oddly disappointed.  Upset.  I wanted to do a blog about how slow, disorganized, rude and ornery the DMV still is.  It turned out to be a speedy, efficient, well oiled machine with pleasant people running the place.  What the hell?   Not even ONE GOOD STORY TO TELL.  What's this world coming to?

As I made my way out, I caught a glimpse of tho mailbox by the exit

Well, I think you know the answer. Sarcasm aside - Kudos, Ms. Marchione.

Have you found the DMV to be a lot better than it used to be?  Would like to know your comments