We all know it, Pit Bulls get a lot of flack. It seems people are always sharing stories about Pitt Bulls that attack but what many don't realize is how loving and maternal these wonderful dogs are. This Pit Bull, "Pitty" is a perfect example.

Mercy Animal Clinic - Facebook Page

It seems that earlier this month someone who works at a vets office outside of Dallas saw a Pit Bull lying at the side of the road. The person thought that maybe the Pit Bull was hurt but after getting closer realized that she was actually nursing a two day old kitten.

No one knows how these two wound up together or on the side of the road but without the nourishment provided by her adopted mother, "Kitty" would have certainly died.

Pitty has since been spayed and Kitty gets bottle fed but they are still very close. The folks at Mercy Animal Clinic hoping to get adopted together so they can keep the bond they have formed intact.