You can tell a lot about your friends, family, community based on social media posts during tragic situations. Some may say, "they're just words" and yes, they are and if we really want to see a change actions are what mater. However, you can really see what matters to some people. And in the case of social media, it's most likely your own social circle. I'm proud to say, I've chosen some amazing people to surround myself with and it's shown greatly based on the thoughts shared over the last couple of days because of the tragedy that is the mass shooting in Orlando.

My friend, Bridget took the time to really think about what happened and then took the time to form her post as beautifully as possible. She wins my Monday.

"Lots to say here. Bear with me. Like so many others, I've been trying to comprehend what happened on Saturday night in Orlando, and have been trying to find the words that could come close to explaining how utterly crushed and disgusted I am. Everything I've wanted to say feels like throwing punches under water; nothing makes an impact...nothing conveys how much my heart breaks over this and the innocent lives lost. All I keep coming up with is simply the word LOVE. Love more, love more, love more. Love until it hurts. Love until it pours out if you like gushing water and sweeps up everything in its path. Love EVERYONE. Not just some people; not just who its convenient for you to love; not just the people your religion or social groups want you to love. LOVE EVERYONE. And then when you're at the bottom and have nothing left, dig deeper and find more love. JUST LOVE PEOPLE. PERIOD. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. LOVE.

Also: Maybe we all celebrate the CRAP out of pride this month. Celebrate pride EVERY month, but take this month to go out and support the gay community until your face hurts. Go out dancing for those who can't dance anymore, march in the parade, hug your gay brothers and sisters; remind them that you NEVER loved them any differently or any less, and you never will. Just pride it up all over the place and let it bleed into July and August and September if you feel like it. Between that and an overwhelming, overdose of love, I can't think of a better way to remember those lost in Orlando.
I hope we never forget all of the innocent lives lost purely because someone couldn't love a person who they viewed as different from them; may each of them rest peacefully and know that we are still fighting here for them, and will not quit until ALL of the hatred is gone. 🌈

Rest peacefully to all of the souls lost this past weekend. I am praying relentlessly for peace for your friends, family and community."

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