There are cars in development, as you know, that kind of drive themselves.   Some of them will parallel park without your assistance, others will warn you if you are tailgating. I would be comfortable with that.  I'm not sure about this though, are you?

According to the New York, Google has a new car in the lab that -and I kid you not- has no steering wheel and no gear shift!  It looks like a smart car, and they are producing 100 of them.  It doesn't even have a brake pedal, for God sakes!

It does have what's called an "e-stop" button in case you really have an emergency.  You'll have to pry my index finger off of that little control if that's all it has.  I make a terrible backseat driver.

According to the article, If you have the right app on your phone, you can call the car up and have it come to your destination to get you.  OK - time to sing the song.  "Meet George Jetson -- Jane his wife "

Getty Images
Getty Images

Would you trust it?  Would you even get IN the car?  I tell you what.  When everyone else on the highway has the same car, then I just MIGHT think about it. But I ain't getting on no Northway or Jersey Turnpike in that thing for love nor money.  What say YOU?



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