Sadly it is all too easy to see parenting fails in this world. This one comes to us from Missouri where a family decided that the best way to teach their son about the dangers of kidnapping is to actually make him live through that trauma. 

Getty Images, Stock Photo
Getty Images, Stock Photo

I know when you write and think it out like that it makes it so hard to believe that no one in this family could have done the same. Not one person thought , "Wait, we want him to be more careful so he never has to be traumatized by actually being kidnapped, but it's okay if WE do it to him?"

This is where it gets really bad. Y

Last Monday, the boy's 38-year-old aunt had a 23-year-old coworker lure the kid into his pickup truck when he got off the school bus. Then the guy took him to a shed, tied him up, and put a bag over his head.

 Caution: This next part is even worse and you may not want to read it!

They then took the boy's pants off and told him he would be sold into sex slavery. Again, this is a 6 year old boy. While all of this was happening the boy's mother and grandmother were on the phone listening.

All the adults involved were arrested and charged with, felony kidnapping, felony abuse, and child neglect. I only wish there were more charges that could be brought or perhaps if somehow we could traumatize them as much as they did this poor child. I just can not believe the things I read sometimes.

God help us all.


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