Last week, I wrote about a million people leaving the state in the next five years. Here are the things you would either miss or remember if you left  New York.
Love New York or hate it, there are a lot of cool things about this state and I bet you would agree with that statement. Maybe if you live in New York City these things wouldn't seem to phase you all that much, but for us here in the Capital Region they do. Let's get to the list.

  • Mountains (Adirondacks)
  • Waterfalls (A lot of hidden ones)
  • Small Towns (The state is filled with them, except for NYC)
  • Fall Foliage (Unless you move to Vermont)
  • Snow Storms (This one is arguable)
  • Scenery (just hit up a back road)
  • PIZZA!!!! (Need I explain)
  • Common Sports Fans (I bet there are far less Giants/Jets fans elsewhere.)
  • Stewart's (Come on)

Those are just a few, any things you can think of that you would miss about the Empire State? Let us know on facebook.

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