Who wants cupcakes? I do. Almost all of the time. The next time there is a cupcake challenge, you can count me in.

According to News 10 ABC, St. Luke's Parish in Schenectady celebrated their centennial in a delicious manner. St. Luke's did things a bit differently and I thought this idea really changed things up for the better.

Many different local bakers rallied together to compete in a "cupcake challenge."

Now, I've got admit that I've never heard of a cupcake challenge but I'm not going to lie, I was extremely intrigued. There are bakers competing to see who has the best cupcakes in the Capital Region. Who wins? We do! Give me all of the cupcakes!

If a cupcake challenge is the latest event to hit the Capital Region, then I'm going to all of them every chance I get. In fact, I might as well dedicate some days off to any future cupcake challenges.

I may actually hold my own cupcake challenge in my living room.



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