I'm a procrastinator of all things in life, which explains why I'm writing out my Christmas wish list just three days before the holiday.

Santa may not bring me everything I've asked for (I really could use an automatic starter before the temperatures drop in a few weeks), but on behalf of all Capital Region residents, I'm hoping he can make these few requests happen.

  • Rebecca Sapp
    Rebecca Sapp

    At Least One Jamba Juice

    WGNA's studios are located in the Pine Bush, which means I have to drive a solid 10 minutes in any direction toward Guilderland, Schenectady or Colonie to get lunch every day. Oftentimes I find myself yearning for a fresh smoothie, and my options are extremely limited.

    In a pinch, I can make my way to Whole Foods where my preferred smoothie is a Sweet & Mellow. Or if I feel like trekking to Crossgates, I'll hit up the Fresh & Healthy Cafe for a Chunky Monkey. But really I just want to walk into a standalone store where I have a variety of options and order a smoothie from a spot that was designed to only make smoothies and shakes. Call me "basic" but doesn't an ice cold smoothie on a 9 degree day sound like a good lunch?

  • The Washington Post/Getty Images
    The Washington Post/Getty Images

    One Word: Wegmans

    There are two people in this area: people who are sick of hearing the word "Wegmans" and people who will never be sick of it, because we must continue to fight the good fight to bring this ultra amazing phenom of a grocery chain to town. I mean, I'm not going to tell you which of those two kinds of people I am, but...

    My grandmother lives in Williamsville, NY, just outside of Buffalo, and I have such fond memories of going shopping with her as a kid. As an adult who can walk into a store and now purchase any food I'd like (if you ever feel down about "adulting" and how rough it is to no longer get away with napping three times a day, remember that this perk is a plus), Wegmans is even greater, and for the love, we NEED one in the Capital Region.

    The hot food bar. The salads. The bulk candy. The pizza.

    Hopefully Santa can bring us a Wegmans and stop teasing us.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    One of Those Fish Pedicure Places

    OK, fine. You've called my bluff. Chances are I would be too chicken to go to one of these places if we actually had one here in the Capital Region.

    But I've seen the Kardashians do it and at least one class of the "Real Housewives," and it seems at lease someone in the Albany area could really benefit from plunging their callused feet into a vat of minnows so that they could suck off their dead flesh in the name of luxury and beauty.

    Someone? Anyone?

  • Rick Diamond, Getty Images
    Rick Diamond, Getty Images

    Chris Stapleton

    This year we've had Blake, Miranda, Carrie, Florida Georgia Line, even Toby Keith. But one of my "bucket list" country artists, actually artists in general, who I want to see most live is Chris Stapleton.

    I haven't been a country music fan my whole life, but working at WGNA it's quickly become all I listen to. And on a rainy day, a snowy day, a sunny day or just your average Tuesday, Chris Stapleton's raspy voice just does it for me.

    I need to see him live, and I'd like for it to be here at home in the Capital Region. So come on, Santa. Make it happen, because he hasn't been here yet and I've got "Nobody to Blame."

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    A Full-Service Gas Station on Every Corner

    I'm from New Jersey, which means I'm a gas snob. In fact, one of my most embarrassing moments in the 10 years total I've lived in the state of NY was when someone caught me asking another person how to pump my own gas.

    But really, I still have no idea how to hitch the clip so that I don't have to hold the pump with my hand, and, frankly, I'm not even interested in learning.

    I live in Niskayuna, and one of the reasons I moved there is for the full-service gas station in the center of town. No, I'm not ashamed to admit it. And yes, I purposely drive on "e" if I have to long enough to get to that gas station so that I never have to get out of my car and pump my own gas (see photo).

    It's partly the weather, mostly being lazy, and entirely me just saying, "No, we need more full-service gas stations in New York." And really, aside from my own selfish reasons, full-service gas stations give people jobs. And give me a reason to tip someone other than my hair stylist.

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