It's odd to think a store that is such a staple of New York isn't in Albany. Could there be plans to bring one a little bit closer than Syracuse?

So when you think. We already are fairly diverse when it comes to grocery stores. I have never lived anywhere outside of the Capital Region so maybe I think it's odd. We have Hannaford, Price Chopper/Market 32, Shop and Save, Shop Rite, Whole Foods and Aldi's. On top of that the grocery stores inside Walmart and Target. Is there room for Wegmans? Or is there too much competition.

Times Union reported at the link down below about Wegmans having eyes of property between Albany and New York City. Guess I got my hopes up for thinking it would be a little bit closer. Harrison, NY will be the recipient of a brand new grocery store it seems. Which is actually farther away than our closest one at the moment.

Is the fact that the Capital Region has too much competition when it comes to supermarkets what has made Wegmans not come? Also what makes Wegmans so special? How is it different?


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