Those of us from the Capital Region, we're a generally nice people, but we all have our buttons and here are 4 ways to quickly irritate someone from the Capital Region.


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    Pronounce Albany Wrong

    It's not "AL-bany." Colonie is not pronounced the same as "colony." Yes, the cities and towns in this area aren't the easiest to pronounce but just ask!

  • flickr user profvrr
    flickr user profvrr

    Make Fun of the Name "Coxsackie"

    Ha. Ha. Ha- NOT. I've lived in the Capital Region for 29 years and this joke got old a very long time ago. I get it, it sounds dirty. So does Schenectady if you break it up but don't try it, I've already heard that one too.

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    Calling Westchester "Upstate"

    Good try, but it's not. If you live anywhere south of the Hudson Valley, don't you even think you're going to call yourself Upstate. There's so much state above the Capital Region, we're even pushing it sometimes.

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    YouTube / Hidden Drone Videos

    Tell Us Where You're From is Better

    Listen, every place has the good and the bad but only we can talk about the bad about where we're from, not you. People from the Capital Region are strong and proud and just because I point out something I dislike about my city, doesn't mean yours is better. We don't want to hear it so don't even start. If you don't like it here, then, go home :)

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