When the snow comes in fast, it blankets the roads and for most people – this means staying home to avoid risking unnecessary travel on slippery roads.  Once the kids get cold or tired of playing outside in the snow, they might start to drive you a little crazy indoors. Sure, you could park them in front of the television or with video games, but sometimes even that gets boring.  Here are 4 things your kids can do inside:


Build a Blanket Fort

Remember making forts when you were a kid?  You’d grab the biggest blankets you could find and drape them over the back of chairs or the couch or whatever to make a fort to get inside.  Just because the kids today are high-tech doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy making and playing in a fort.  Give it a try – you might be surprised at how creative they can be.


Set up a Treasure Hunt

Do you hide plastic eggs with candy in them for Easter?  I bet the kids love it.  Why not set up a treasure hunt?  You can hide a few goodies or objects around the house and give the kids a list of things to find – or turn it into a scavenger hunt where each item gives you a clue to find the next item.



Crafting used to be a popular activity for kids, but it’s another one that has kind of lost momentum as more and more activities turn to electronics.  You probably have a drawer of crayons and paper or an art kit hiding somewhere – get the supplies out and let the kids create stuff.  If you need inspiration, jump online for instructions or ideas for what to make with your construction paper and empty toilet paper rolls!


Read or Listen to Books

If your kids are too young to read for themselves, a snowy day outside is a great day to snuggle on the couch and read with your children.  If you want to get some housework done, you can download an audible ebook or put a book-on-cd into the player for them to listen to.

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