Growing up we all went to the neighborhood park. A long time ago, you could just go with your friends and get a pickup game of basketball, swing on the swings, run around or do anything else as a kid at the park because you felt safe.
Over the years, the parks became an area for unlawful activity, unsafe for kids. Neighbors and local law enforcement want to change that. Surveillance cameras have been set up in Gloversville at the Elk Street Park so families can feel safe again going to the park. Gloversville Police Lieutenant Bradley Schaffer tells WNYT News 13 that the surveillance cameras are able to record but also "are able to be viewed in real time, live, and also able to be viewed in the event that criminal activity occurs." Those are not the only cameras in the city. Gloversville has about 60 cameras all around the city.
At first, when I heard about the cameras, I thought, another way to be watched. But now after hearing parents talk about their kids feeling safe when going to the park, I say, let's put them up at every park. Kids should be able to go to the park and feel safe. The swings, the slides, the running around at the park are all part of growing up and every kid should feel safe and every parent shouldn't have to worry when their child goes to the neighborhood park.

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