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Surveillance Camera's at your local park
Growing up we all went to the neighborhood park. A long time ago, you could just go with your friends and get a pickup game of basketball, swing on the swings, run around or do anything else as a kid at the park because you felt safe.
Two Quick Area Day Trips To Beat The Winter Blues
Do you tend to go a little stir crazy this time of the year?  The weather has kept a lot of us inside all bundled up.  Well especially with the kids off of school on Monday, you might want to gather the family and sneak out of the house for the day...
4 Things Your Kids Can Do Inside When it Snows
When the snow comes in fast, it blankets the roads and for most people – this means staying home to avoid risking unnecessary travel on slippery roads.  Once the kids get cold or tired of playing outside in the snow, they might start to drive you a little crazy indoors. Sure, you could park them in …