Keith Urban is next Wednesday at SPAC and maybe before you head to the show, you want to grab food but don't want to spend a lot of money. Let me help you.

Saratoga Springs has some delicious food options but it's easy to spend more money than you were hoping - it goes fast. When you're going to up to 9 different country shows at Saratoga Performing Arts Center this year, you want to save money where you can and I went to Yelp to break it down. Plus, just because something is cheaper, doesn't mean the food isn't as good, sometimes it's a much better deal.

  1. Falafel Den - Falafel is definitely something that you either like or don't but if you like it, head to Phila Street because it's a delicious, filling, and cheap way to eat before SPAC (especially if you're a vegetarian).
  2. Roma Importing Co. - who doesn't love a good hearty sandwich? The meat that Roma has and the bread they use for their subs is mouth-watering. Everything is made to order and you can even order it to go and eat it in the park before the show too!
  3. Esperanto - I mean, this is an obvious one. Doughboys are some of the cheapest food you can get in Saratoga and they're delicious, especially if you're going to have a couple of beers.
  4. Comfort Kitchen - a little more expensive than the others but still worth a stop. If you want your food to be so delicious that it feels like it's giving you a nice warm hug, stop by here.

Any that you'd add to the list?

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