Check your Take 5 ticket from the New York Lottery. Someone purchased a ticket from a a convenient store in Rotterdam Junction for last night's drawing and whoever won is sitting on some pretty serious money right now and they may not even know it.

If you played Take 5 from the New York State Lottery on Wednesday night, your winning ticket could be worth over over 29 thousand dollars; $29,869.50 to be exact.

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According to News 10 ABC, there were two top prize winners in the Take 5 drawing, so all verified winners will each grab a piece of the 60,000 jackpot. One of the winners according to the source, bought their ticket at the JP Quick Stop located at 1288 Main Street Rotterdam Junction.

The winning #'s from last night's drawing were: 2 6 9 10 32 
The jackpot split 2 ways paid out $29,869.50 per winner.

The other winning ticket was sold at a convenient store on Rt 2 in Beacon, NY.

While 30K isn't necessarily life-changing money, during a pandemic you can do a heck of a lot worse than winning what amounts to a down payment on a new home, or a new car perhaps.

And it's no easy feat. Lottery USA says the odds of winning the Take 5 first prize jackpot in New York are one in 575,757. A few weeks ago, someone in Albany County scored 60K as the top prize winner in Take 5.

You choose five numbers from 1 to 39 to play New York Take Five. Each game is $1 to play and drawings are held every day.

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