Glens Falls, NY #1 for Safety

For the second year in a row, Glens Falls, NY was ranked as the safest city in America.

In a recent poll, the small city of Warren County was chosen ahead of quaint cities and sleepy towns in places like Florida, Washington, Wisconsin, Massachusettes, and Utah.

In addition to the high rank for Glens Falls, another city in Upstate, NY made the top 15 list as well, Kingston, NY.

How was Glens Falls chosen?

The annual report from Rocket Mortgage is used as a guide by potential home buyers who want to learn more about neighborhoods and areas before moving.

The website notes that while "safety" is subjective, their report examines each city in the US stating that " a city’s crime rate alone doesn’t always accurately reflect how safe it might be to live there."

What does the data say?

The website acknowledges that there are many contributing to the overall safety of a city or town, but their formula takes population, violent crime rate, property crime rate, median household income, and the median price of a home for the entire United States.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

The Rocket Mortgage survey lists Glens Falls as a number on the list but used data from Warren and Washington Counties.

Here's what the Rocket Mortgage says about Glens Falls:

Glens Falls is a city in New York north of Albany, nestled along the Hudson River. With a thriving art scene and proximity to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, Glens Falls has something for everyone. Sporting many reasonably affordable homes, Glens Falls is a perfect destination if you’re looking to escape busy city life for a home closer to nature.

Here's what the survey says about Kingston:

Kingston was New York’s first capital in 1777. Despite being burned by the British during the Revolutionary War, Kingston is still full of old buildings and historical sites and is rich in colonial history. As an overall safe and affordable city, Kingston is a great place to live for families and singles alike.

Check out the Top 10 List of the Safest Cities in America

10. Wenatchee, Washington

9. Kingston, New York

8. Elizabethtown, Kentucky

7. Cambridge, Massachusetts

6. Wausau, Wisconsin

5. Logan, Utah

4. The Villages, Florida

3. State College, Pennsylvania

2. Midland, Michigan

1. Glens Falls, New York

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