Every year, the National Toy Hall of Fame comes out with a list of 12-15 toys that may make it into the museum that year. This year is no different and here are the 11 toys that The Strong Museum is considering. Which is your favorite?

According to the National Toy Hall of Fame, only two or three of these toys will make it to the actual Hall of Fame and those will be announced at The Strong Museum in Rochester on Thursday, November 9th at 10:30AM.

  1. Clue - originally called Cluedo in 1947, it's the classic whodunit game where players have to decide not only who killed Mr. Body but in which room and with what.
  2. Magic 8 Ball - introduced in 1946, it's the only toy that can tell you your fortune in the form of yes or no questions.
  3. Matchbox Cars - debuted in 1952, high-quality toy cars but for a reasonable price
  4. My Little Pony - though debuted in the 1980s, they have come forward again since 2003, even outselling Barbie certain years
  5. Paper Airplane - no one knows the origin story of the paper airplane but everyone knows their way to make one
  6. Pez Candy Dispenser - it began as a breath mint dispenser in 1927 but in 1948, it became the fastest way to eat your way through a pack of candy
  7. Play Food - around for more than 70 years, how else could you play grocery store if you didn't own a fake ear of corn?
  8. Risk - based on the French game Le Conquete du Monde, in 1959 it came to the United States to teach children the art of war and strategy
  9. Sand - humans began playing with sand in the 1800s but what's summer as a kid if it didn't involve one sandcastle?
  10. Transformers - reemerged since the popularity of the movies, the toys became popular in 1980 and haven't left since.
  11. Uno- created in 1971, you must get rid of your cards as quickly as you can without have  the dreaded "Draw Four" used against you.

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