There was never a publication like Playboy Magazine before 1953, and most certainly, there will never be anything like it again.  Sadly, it's iconic creator, Hugh Hefner, died yesterday at the age 91. I personally, would like to thank Heff for providing me with memories during my youth that can never be recaptured.   

I'll never forget the first issue of Playboy I ever came across.  It was in the woods behind National Little League in Albany on a shortcut I would take walking home from playing ball with my friends.   I was about 11 or 12 at the time and it was laying there under some trees.  It was pretty beat up and weathered, but I thought I had found gold.  "Holy Moly! This is the greatest thing ever" I thought to myself.  I looked at the centerfold err "read a few articles" and quickly discarded it.  I knew then that I may never find a buried treasure like the crew in Goonies did, but I found a PLAYBOY magazine; complete with naked girls!

A kid being a kid.

When I look back on that moment, I smile.  Not because of the naked women or boobies or anything like that.  I smile because it was the first moment in my young life that I can recall when pure innocence and curiosity met adult taboo.  Every time I walked that path home, I was on the lookout for another magazine. Never found one...but I never stopped looking.

Those kinds of experiences are lost in today's world and it's a darn shame. The internet has has taken most of the curiosity and innocence out of childhood. There are no magazines to discover in the woods anymore.  Want to see something kinda naughty your friends are talking about?  You're a click away, or better yet, just find it on your iPhone.

When Hugh Hefner passed away yesterday I was a little sad.  Then I thought to myself, here's a man who hung out with beautiful people in amazing mansions and spent most of his time in pajamas and slippers!  We should all be so blessed.

Thanks for the memories Heff.  Here's to beautiful women, great articles, awesome parties, Playboy bunnies, and memorable walks through the woods!  May you rest in peace.




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