From Nashville to the Capital Region and beyond, Schenectady's David J has been on the country music radar for years.  It sounds a bit strange to even say that, considering that he's only 17-years-old.

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Chrissy and first I met him when he was like 15-years-old after we heard about "some young kid from the Capital Region" who auditioned for NBC's The Voice.  David didn't last very long on the show, but I think we all knew when he met him and heard him play, that he was going to be a star with or without a TV show for a launching pad.

In the few years that have passed since our initial interview with him, the thing that stood out -  besides his obvious talent and love for country music - is just how hard this kid works.  He's relentless; constantly making, writing, and covering different songs, posting daily video content all while never turning down a chance to play a gig.

Whenever a country artist comes to town, David finds a way to make real connections with them that go beyond just a quick, polite chat.

David has actually formed bonds with artists like Hardy, Drake White, and Mitchell Tenpenny, who have all stayed in touch with, and help mentor him.  The kid has talent, style, and the hustle needed to make it in this very difficult industry and you just get the feeling that he's super close.

He's had viral videos on his Tik Tok and other social media platforms, as well as originals songs that have been played on commercial radio stations like WGNA and streaming services like iTunes and Spotify.

But David J's latest single called, "Lost My Heartbreak" may be the breakthrough single that could take this young artist to the next level.

Released at midnight on Thursday (technically Friday morning), the song is already seeing massive growth on iTunes.   GNA played it a few times this morning and it sounds awesome on the air.  When the song ended, we took many curiosity calls from listeners who wanted to know more about this kid from small-town Schenectady with the big, country sound.

Currently, on the iTunes Country Music Charts, it sits as the #13; nestled between Luke Combs "Cold As You" and Luke Bryan's "Waves," two of the biggest giants in the industry.

David, who was signed recently to a record label, says he co-wrote the song with two other men from Nashville. One of them is Matt McVaney, a former producer for country superstar Kane Brown.

We wish David nothing but the best.  He's got great parents, family, local support, a good head on his shoulders, and now, a song that is currently sitting on the charts alongside the industry's biggest stars.  I'd say he's well on his way.

For a list of where you can purchase "Lost My Heartbreak" click here.  

In the meantime, check out his latest single here as it soars up the charts.

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