This Saturday downtown Albany is about to transition from calm city streets to an overwhelming sea of green! Will you be a part of the festivities?

I've been to enough of these parades to know exactly what to expect, so get your shamrocks on and see how many of these things you spot this weekend...

  1. 99.5% of people will be wearing some form of green head to toe (I know, that's a given.)
  2. Green top hats. Walmart and Target will have a big sale on 'em
  3. Grown men in tiny leprechaun outfits. It happens every year and there will be multiple (kind of like the amount of Elmo's and Minnie Mouse costumes in Time Square)
  4. Green bagels and brews. As gross as they look (and probably taste) they'll be everywhere!
  5. The guy who got drunk too quick and is stumbling into the parade route by 9am.
  6. Groups wearing matching St Paddy's gear. They may even be chanting Irish hymns.
  7. Families with young kids that didn't realize what they were getting themselves into. Yikes.
  8. Irish Car Bombs. The beverage...not like an actual bomb. That's dangerous.
  9. Leprechauns on shoulders. Like there will be people dressed up as them, there will also be many little stuffed leprechauns enjoying the parade, too.
  10. Pots of gold. Fake gold, but where there are leprechauns...
  11. Fake Irish accents. And lets be serious, can anyone really do one all that good around here?
  12. Four leaf everything.
  13. Guy asking "Do you have a little Irish in you?" in hopes of finishing that without getting slugged.
  14. The inevitable person throwing up in the bushes (if we're lucky, that's where they'll be.)
  15. Bag pipes...all the bag pipes!
  16. Couples drunk fighting for all to see...
  17. Green beads like it's Mardi Gras.


Join Pearl Street Pub Saturday, March 11 for their Parade Day Celebration from 8:30a - 12:30p! Enjoy an Irish breakfast buffet, Guinness glass engraving, live music, a chance to win a trip to Ireland, and a chance to win tickets to the Garth Brooks show on Sunday night!

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