Luckily, I've never been to an amusement park where I've been stuck on a ride or anyone got seriously injured but that's always a risk. Thankfully, after this 14 year old girl almost fell off the Sky Ride, Six Flags Great Escape employees acted quickly to minimize damage.

You may or may not be familiar with Sky Ride. Whether or not you've been on it before, it's the ride where chairs look like they're flying over the park. It's supposed to be a calm, relaxing way to get new perspective of the park as a whole. Yesterday, though, that ride was nothing but calm.

Witnesses say that they saw this 14 year old girl hanging from the chair by her arms and head. According to News10 ABC, people heard screaming at about 7:45PM. Once the operator was notified, they stopped the ride and quickly thought of the best way to help her. Since she was out in a chair in mid-air, 35 feet up, there was really no easy way to get up to her.

Bystanders decided to do something and banded together to catch her if she were to fall. They said there really wasn't another option. They told her to wiggle her way out and fall so that she wouldn't have to wait there or potentially hit blacktop if no one was prepared. The girl fell from the car, hit a tree branch, but was safely caught by park guests. The girl was transported to Albany Medical Center where she remains stable and another man was sent to be treated for back injuries.

According to Six Flags Great Escape, the ride and all safety equipment was in perfect working order.

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