Everywhere I look, I keep seeing more and more people talking about the show 13 Reasons Why. So much so that I had to watch it to see what all of the argument and controversy was about. This is a very important topic and a conversation that's crucial to teens but local schools are taking action against this show.

Two weeks ago, I blogged how I couldn't take it anymore and I had to know what everyone was talking about. This past weekend, I finally sat down and binged-watched the show. If you're unaware of the storyline, it has to do with a girl who has committed suicide and she left 13 tapes for people to explain what they did to lead her to make that decision, her 13 reasons why.

I understand both sides of the argument whether or not this is appropriate for the age group the book it's originally based on. My opinion is that I feel that this is really heavy material but it's also a very important conversation for parents and their kids to have with each other. Should these kids watch this by themselves? Probably not, but parents, be proactive, introduce this show to your children and watch it as a learning piece for both of you to open that line of communication between each other.

Local school districts have taken notice of this show as well and decided to do something about it. According to CBS 6, school districts in Saratoga County are trying to figure out the best way to approach this show. School counselors in the Ballston Spa school district and Shenendehowa schools are afraid it's sending a wrong message, glorifying the concept instead of explaining it properly. Shenendehowa even send a note home with students warning parents of "copycat suicides." They're not against the show but have a similar outlook on it that I do. Show your kids that there are other options, answer their questions and start that communication. East Greenbush and Brunswick schools are also taking steps to address this issue with students.

The Shenendehowa school district is hosting a panel discussion about suicide prevention on May 23rd at the Central Point Public Library at 6:00PM, open to the public.

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