I love Netflix. Aside from the very few shows I actually watch on cable, Netflix is my everything. I like that Netflix is coming out with its own shows and even though I jumped on the Stranger Things train really early on, I haven't watched this show yet but I can't look anywhere without seeing it so I give in!

13 Reasons Why originated as a young adult novel by Jay Asher, published in 2007 and hit Netflix with a vengeance this past March 31. It's hard to look into the plot of a story without reading spoilers and since I do intend on watching it, I don't want anything spoiled for me. From what I can gather though, thanks to IMDB, is that this character Clay Jensen comes home one day to a box on his porch. Inside the box are a bunch of tapes recorded by a character named Hannah Baker who committed suicide two weeks prior.

Emotional television isn't my favorite. I watch movies and TV for entertainment and I don't see the fun in crying to myself over characters that don't exist in reality. So based on that synopsis, it lost me. Ever since then though, everyone I know has been watching this show. I've seen it all over my social media, people I usually talk television with have been obsessed, so I give in. I'm going to watch it. Before I dedicate time to these 13 episodes, I figured I'd ask the question, is it worth the hype it's getting?

I plan on watching it over the course of next week (read: this weekend), keep checking back to my blog, I'll let you know what I think!

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