A New York State program already on the books that allows twelve and thirteen-year-olds to hunt deer with firearms and crossbows. However, each county must adopt this local law. Now Rensselaer County is opting in and adopting the law according to CBS 6 News.

I am not an avid hunter but I understand the passion that goes into the sport. My son Ryan is only ten but when he turns twelve and he asks to go hunting, I would absolutely allow him to go along with an experienced adult hunter to help him stay safe but also learn about it, and enjoy the sport.

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This law would allow twelve and thirteen-year-olds in the county to hunt with an experienced adult hunter. They would be under their supervision during the hunting. They also have to follow specific guidelines. They both must wear florescent pink or orange clothing so they are easily seen while hunting.

This local law would be locked into the 2021-2022 budget and allow the children to hunt through 2023.

County Executive Steve McLaughlin said this of the local law:

Rensselaer County has abundant natural resources and generations of county residents have enjoyed hiking, swimming, camping, and hunting. Expanding the law to allow for 12- and 13-year-olds to take part in the tradition of hunting with family and friends and under adult supervision is a good move. Many other states allow this, and New York State has also encouraged the expansion of the law.

There is still a meeting that will discuss this local law being adopted on May 11th.

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