We're expecting a BEAUTIFUL day Saturday. It's sad to think that this could be the last we see of the mid-60s for a while (unless we have a magical winter like last year - I won't hold my asthmatic breath.) So, how should you spend it? I have a few ideas!

I'm actually holding a "Friendsgiving" celebration at my house on Saturday and I'm excited to think that it might be cool to have the french doors open and people can congregate on the deck in the sun. Maybe we grill up some of those Thanksgiving fixings and switch it up a little?!

  • If I had the day to do anything on a beautiful 60+ degree, sunny day I might do:
  • Yard clean up - sure, this might not be "fun" per say but it's a lot more fun than doing it in 20 degree, snowy/rainy weather, right?!
  • Get the family together and decorate outside for the holidays! Like the first suggestion, who wants to do this out in the snowy cold?!
  • Grill - I know some people do this all year long any way because they're willing to brave all the temps I'm not willing to!
  • Throw the football, shoot some hoops, ride your bikes - be active outdoors while you can!
  • Get to the park and let the kids run! Heck, the dogs, too!
  • If open still - get to a mini golf spot and see who's got the skills!
  • Bonfire - The sun is setting earlier these days. Have some friends over and roast some marshmallows!
  • Visit the outdoor shopping outlets nearby - because again, who wants to be walking outdoors in the frigid temperatures we could get. Maybe even get ahead on that holiday shopping!
  • And when all else fails - make a cocktail, pop a bottle of champagne and just kick back. Enjoy yourselves! Because YOU DESERVE IT!

Happy warm weather Saturday, friends! Enjoy it!



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