Men Spend 56 Minutes Every Day In Front of a Mirror!
According to a new survey, the average guy spends 56 minutes every day looking at himself in the mirror!  Really guys?  Come on!  The average woman only spends 43-and-a-half minutes every day looking at herself!
I didn't believe it until I saw how it breaks down...
Porky Princess: Should Disney Create a Plus-Size Princess?
JEWEL MOORE, a high-school junior from Farmville, Virginia, started a petition on Change.org to get Disney to make a movie about a Plus-Sized Princess.
Jewel is plus-size herself, beautiful, and wise beyond her years.  Her petition states, quote, "Studies show that a child&apo…
Differences Between a Girl & a Woman
I stumbled on an article on Just My Type this morning and what I love about it is how it points out the multiple differences between a girl and a woman when dating a guy.
Girls, We Spend Too Much Time and Money On Our Looks
I was reading a magazine last week that said women spend, on average, 252 hours a year "getting ready" to go places! In comparison, men spend about 30. Thirty hours! Total!  We really must be crazy!
Then, I come to work today and read an article about how much money women spend…
Why Do Women Take Their Wedding Rings Off
A new study has found that in "certain situations" a third of women decide to remove their wedding or engagement rings.
The top 3 reasons women took off their rings: 35% was for work reasons, 29% were for job interviews, and 22% were out socializing...
Women Say No Nookie Until They Get Their Road
Let me just say, I'm not recommending this method for just anything, however, for a life or death situation such as this... it just may be brilliant!
All of the women in a small town in Colombia have launched a SEX STRIKE . . . no one's getting any until the one road into town is fixed...
Laura Fernee Says She Is Too Pretty To Work [VIDEO]
Laura Fernee a 33 year old English woman says, she is just too pretty to work. it would seem that people in the workplace are just too shallow and can not seem to except her for her merits and intelligence and all they see is how beautiful she is. According to an article on Mail Online, she said, &q…

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