Don't know about you girls, but when I'm hungry, things can get pretty ugly!  Mood swings, yelling, pouting, etc.  I call it hangry.

So, it makes sense to me that when I'm hungry, I wouldn't necessarily be in the mood to get it on!

A new study from the University of California, San Diego, found that most women are the MOST into romance right after they EAT.  Ah ha!

They had 20 young women fast, then look at images of romantic things during an MRI scan.  Then the women did the same thing on a full stomach, but this time they were much more responsive to romantic cues.

The researchers said -

 "Instead of being anxious and annoyed and irritable when [we're] hungry . . . once we're sated, then we can get on to better things."


So guys, what you can take away from this study is that you're gonna have a better chance at getting the deed done if you feed her first!  Try strawberries dipped in chocolate!