Chicks totally love a funny guy, we know that!  But now, science has proven it!

According to the University of Kansas, the funnier the guy, the more likely he'll end up in a physical relationship with a woman.

Here's the catch... according to that study, when women are funny, it didn't increase the chance of a relationship!  Wait, what?!?!

Researchers asked 100 volunteers what they looked for in someone, then set them up on a series of blind dates.  After the dates they analyzed whether people developed a romantic interest in the other person.

Kinda hard to argue with that.

But as for why... Well, they think it's because a kind of 'script' has evolved between man and women over time, where men are supposed to make jokes, and women are supposed to laugh.  It's like a ritual of courtship, and boy to those old gender roles die hard!

I think the way to combat this is to just keep being funny, ladies!  Keep being yourself!  If he thinks you're too funny, you don't want him anyway!  You deserve someone who will love you for making them laugh forever and ever! Amen!