Most of us don't use the anatomically correct term for our bountiful chests... so, what is the most common nickname that women have for their breasts?  Well, thankfully, there was a recent survey that asked girls what they calls theirs!

Here are the top 11 answers -

1.  Boobs


2.  Boobies (c'mon girls!)


3.  Tits


4.  Breasts (classy choice)


5.  The girls (I mean....)


6.  The twins (Most are not identical.)


7.  My friends (Really?  Cause mine just cause me trouble most of the time)


8.  Puppies (really????)


9.  Melons (or peaches, or plums, depending on your body?)


10.  Knockers (well... it depends)


11.  Jugs (nope.)

I guess I'm just average... I think I call my boobs.  It's simple and to the point.

What do you call yours?  Is it on the list?