Kids Today Don't Cash In On Snowy Side Hustle
30 years ago on a day like today, a few of my buddies and I would walk around the streets of Albany with shovels in hand, ringing people's doorbells to see if anyone needed help with their driveways and sidewalks.  In a few hours, we'd probably make $75 or $100.  It amazes me that I literally saw ze…
Alabama Concert Postponed
We've gotten a lot of messages asking about the status of Sunday's show and we finally got confirmation about that they plan to do.
Amtrak Announces Free Trips Giveaway
One of the easiest ways to get somewhere from the Capital Region is with Amtrak. Now, Amtrak has announced that they have a chance for you to get free trips and, let's be honest, it's time for you to have a vacation!
Historic Lake George Mansion for Sale [PHOTOS]
Have you ever drove passed those beautiful mansions on Lake George and wondered what they looked like on the inside? Well, one of them is for sale and here's your opportunity or maybe you'll even be able to buy it!
Things Capital Region People Say: Huge Snowstorm of 2019 Edition
Everybody's talking about the impending monster snowstorm that we're supposed to get this weekend.  I've heard forecasts anywhere for 8-12 inches to two feet.  Regardless of how much snow we get, there are certain things that people in the Capital Region always say before, during, and after the snow…
A Sweet Remedy For A Sore Throat
It's the season of coughing and sore throats. We are always looking for a way to soothe and stop the cough. Now you don't have to rely on cough syrups, there is a sweet new remedy.

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