Guy Gets DWI; Tells Police It's Because 'The Jets Suck'
We all know that police hear all kinds of excuses as to why people were caught speeding, texting, in an accident etc.  I think it's probably safe to assume that most of the time, a lousy football team isn't the go-to excuse. But one New York Jet fan told cops that he got drunk and cra…
WARNING: Holiday Facebook Scam
It's the season of giving, but beware, there is a gift exchange scam that is circulating through Facebook. Here's what you need to know so you don't fall for it.
Dry Dog Foods Being Recalled
There is a new recall. This time it's for two dry dog foods that could cause your furry friend to become sick. Here's what you need to know.
#SaveLuna: Video Depicts 'Death Row Doggie' As Gentle Girl
Troy City Court has ordered that Luna, a 6 year old hound-pit bull mix be put down after an altercation with a neighbor's dog on October 25th. While the court extends it's hearing another day to determine the fate of Luna, check out this sweet video of Luna currently staying at the Mohawk Hudson Hum…
Bathroom Note In Area School Threatens Shooting 'Tomorrow'
Another disturbing note left in an area high school bathroom today has investigators looking into the credibility of the threat.  The note, about a school shooting planned 'tomorrow' has officials deliberating whether or not to keep the school open on Wednesday.
Man Leaves Creepy Message On Little Girl's Watch
Imagine purchasing a watch for your young child as a safety precaution, only to find that it's being used by creepers to lure your child into cars and other dangerous situations. It happened, and the mom who bought the watch for her daughter is warning other parents who may have purchased one a…

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