Our Christmas Tree is Already Up-Is It Too Early?
Over the weekend, we decided that we wanted to put up our Christmas tree. Since we were hosting Thanksgiving, we thought it would make the house look more festive. Apparently, everyone thinks our tree is up way too early.
Best Albany Cheap Eats [LIST]
Albany, the capital of New York, we have a ton of places to choose from to eat but sometimes you just want something quick, cheap, and delicious.
Local Doctor Can Prevent Common Cold [VIDEO]
We see more hand sanitizer bottles on people's desks and trash cans are full of tissues, one thing that's always eluded us- the common cold. A local doctor thinks he has what you need to prevent it.
#NIKOSTRONG Inspires Opening Of Local Family Deli
When I saw Instagram posts promoting the opening of Niko's Deli, it brought me back to a conversation about a year ago. Davina Resciniti, the aunt of Niko Dinovo, told me the family would be stronger and do whatever it takes for the teenage boy from Colonie who was given a 1% chance of survival afte…
Thanksgiving Travel The Busiest Since 2005
I consider myself pretty lucky this Thanksgiving, not just because of healthy family and friends, but because I don't have to travel at all this holiday. According to AAA, this will be the busiest Thanksgiving travel holiday since 2005.
A New App For Thruway Travel
There seems to be an app for everything. Well now there's an app that can help your drive on the New York State Thruway safer and more efficient.

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