Women in general get harassed all the time, just for being female.  Women in all male dominated industries get treated unfairly on a daily basis.  But, women in sports get harassed online almost non-stop.

It's really hard to explain to a guy who has lived his whole life just kind of coasting along, never getting cat-called or talked down to exactly what it feels like to be a chick.  Men don't have the same struggles that women have.

So when I saw this video from Just Not Sports I thought it might be a great way to bring this issue to the forefront.

REAL guys were asked to read REAL comments made about women sports reporters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro – TO THEIR FACE!!

The guys learn some tweets are just plain harassment. Very few people who comment terrible things online would have the guts to say those things to another person's face.

When you're commenting online, please remember that the people you are commenting about are real people.  Would you say your comments to their face?  Then don't post them, people!