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Seatmate On Flight Asked Chrissy, What?!
I have to admit, I enjoy talking with people on airplanes. Yes I know they are total strangers, but I think that's why I like it. I am never pushy, I assess the situation and if my seatmate is friendly, I will engage in conversation. But I didn't expect her to ask me this!
Hate Message In Johnstown Attacks MLK
A man in Johnstown received an unsettling and disturbing flyer tucked into the windshield of his car over the weekend, just ahead of Martin Luther King Day. The message was hate-filled, contained a picture of Martin Luther King Jr., and appears to have been distributed by a member (or members) of th…
The Post, a Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
Lights Camera Jackson is in Los Angeles to participate in the Critics Choice Awards voting and viewing tomorrow night but he's still bringing us the movies we need to focus on this weekend.
Essential Oils Could Be Harming Your Pet
Do you have a diffuser in your home? They smell good, relax you, but depending on which scents you're using apparently could be hurting your smaller animals.
Non-Stop Flights Albany To Buffalo - Book Now
We travel to Buffalo quite often and no matter how many trips we make, it always takes us between four and a half to five hours. But now, our prayers have been answered. Non-stop flights are available from Albany to Buffalo and you can book now.
More Help For Cohoes Fire Victims
As Cohoes continues to rebuild after the devastating fire that ripped through downtown, the Governor has announced help for the local businesses and homeowners who have been affected.
Chrissy Reflects On Dying Young Woman's Message
There is a very powerful letter circulating online from a young woman who was dying of cancer. Although most of the words in her message have been said before, this time, for me, it was different.
The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie...YUK!
Don't get me wrong, I love Girl Scout cookies. Over the years, I have purchased hundreds of boxes and in turn helping and supporting the Girl Scouts. But I have a huge problem with which cookie won the most popular.
You Gotta Love 'Shorts in Winter' Guy
The other night while stopped at a gas station in Albany, a man got out of his car and started pumping in the sub zero temps next to me. He was a burly man in his mid 40's wearing a Buffalo Bills hoodie and Nike athletic shorts.  We all know one guy (it's never, ever a woman) who wears shorts year r…
Getting Hosed at the Car Dealership
After a few scheduling conflicts (and a cancelled appointment by their service department a few months ago) I finally brought my 2105 Jeep Wrangler into a local car dealership to have a few minor issues looked at.  I guess I've been fortunate over the years, because at age 44, I final…
Fun, Educational, Free and My Toddler and I Loved It!
Our lives are busy, the weather has been frigid and sometimes as parents, the best bonding time you can have with your child is home, chilling out watching some TV or playing with puzzles or trucks. Believe me, I get it. But this past weekend, I wanted some adventure and I felt like my 2...
Jewelry Thief - Have You Seen This Man?
The man was a frequent customer at a local jewelry store, but now he is a suspect in stealing several rings. Police and the owners need your help to find him.
A Cool Bubble Trick For The Cold Weather
It has been extremely cold here in the Capital Region. But there are some cool things that you can do to in the cold to keep you busy and are really fun. Give frozen bubbles a try, here's how.