What's going on?

Certain Jeeps Being Recalled
Another week brings another vehicle recall. This time it's a certain Jeep that could cause steering problems. Here are the details.
Another Local Big Box Store Closing Doors For Good
Toys-R-Us broke our hearts last year when they announced the closing of it's retail stores in the area.  Today it was announced that another local big box store, this one with ties to the Capital Region since the 80's, is closing it's doors for good.
Live Your Grumpiest Life On 'National Grouch Day'
Usually I look forward to a brand new week; I have fresh ideas from the weekend and I'm raring to go on a Monday.  Today though I felt different, and now I know the reason why - or at least the story I'm sticking to!
Today is National Grouch Day and whether you decide to tag a grouch o…
Go Fund Me Hub For Schoharie Crash Victims
In the wake of the horrible crash that killed twenty people in Schoharie, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to the families. With all of the Go Fund Me accounts being set up, the state says that there is a way to verify their authenticity.
Our Unique Fall Tradition
I love this area in the fall. It's my favorite time of the year. We have adopted one certain tradition that is perfect for us. It doesn't involve picking apples or pumpkins, it's all about doughnuts and witches.
Albany Police Looking For This Man After Attempted Robbery (Photo
An attempted attack and robbery took place on Saturday morning in Albany. While multiple area news stations are reporting about the Albany incident and police soliciting for help finding the man, this is the only known photo of the alleged assailant I've been able to find.
Popular Wholesale Club To Let Shoppers Go 'Membership Free'
Membership has it's privileges, but in this case, not having a membership will too.  A popular wholesale club is allowing shoppers to take advantage of their special "member pricing" for over two weeks without having to pay any membership fees, and without any obligation.
Local 9 Year To Test Skills On American Ninja TV Series
While most 9 year olds are playing video games with their friends or watching viral videos on their phones, a 9 year old from Saratoga Springs is gearing up for a different type of game, hoping to become a viral sensation of his own.
Upstate New York Coxsackie Virus Outbreak Update
I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of the words "outbreak" and "Upstate New York" in the same sentence. Apparently, there's another Coxsackie virus outbreak and it's closer to us than I'd like it to be.
Finally The Wendy's On Central Ave. Is Coming Down
I pass the Wendy's on Central Avenue every day on my way to and from work. It was the Wendy's that burnt down back in February and nothing had been done to it after the fire. Now that Wendy's is finally coming down.
Got Game? The Albany Empire To Hold Open Tryout
After a disappointing end to their inaugural season last year, The Albany Empire have some unfinished business to take care of this off-season.  As they look to bolster their roster with some fresh talent, the player who may take them to the next level next year might be you or someone you know.  Bu…
Do You Hear What Jess Hears? (VIDEO)
The other morning while messing around with some sound effects in the studio, I played a few random noises for just us to listen to .  Immediately, Jess started freaking out and quite frankly, I thought she was joking.  Turns out, I was playing some audio that I personally couldn't he…
Free Scavenger Hunt At Target
If you needed another reason to go into Target, there's a really cool event that you can do with your kids. Here are the details.
Watch Adorable Baby Turn Super Cranky Without His GNA
Leah from Green Island sent us a video featuring her adorable 8 month old, Noah jamming out to some WGNA music.  She told us that her little 'Noah Bear' starts to growl when playfully, she turns off his favorite song.  She wasn't kidding. Watch the video for yourself and see…