Dad bods unite!  Here's the best news you have heard all day!

A new survey of 2,544 women found that CHUBBY GUYS are the best in bed!  HOORAY!


Here are the top three reasons why-


1.  They seem more eager to please the woman than themselves.


2.  They're more caring and gentle.


3.  They make women feel less self-conscious about their bodies.


The survey asked women to rank all types of male bodies, and here are all the bodies ranked in order -


1.  Overweight and plus size men - 38% of women say they're the best in bed


2.  Athletic and muscular men - 21% love a dude who works out


3.  Men over six feet tall - 13% say the taller the better


4.  Men under five-foot-eight - 10% of chicks want a short dude... better leverage??


5.  Slim and petite men - 9% of woman love you best!



The survey comes from England, so we did a "Lady  Poll" on the air this morning to find out if women right here in the Capital Region dig chubby guys, too.

And, more good news if you love cheeseburgers!  Local girls love round guys just as much as they do overseas!

Pass those Oreos!

Joe Raedle, Getty Images