A new poll found 56% of fathers say they split household chores and responsibilities equally with their wives.  Which is great!  Except it might not be true.  Because 50% of mothers disagree, and say they definitely do more.  Sooooo, what is really going on?

Here are a few more results from the survey -

-55% of mothers stay home alone with the kids when they're sick . . . only 4% of fathers handle that job solo.

-46% of couples say they both work full time

-26% say the dad works full time and the mom stays home

-6% say the mom works full time and the dad stays home.

-60% of women who work full time say it's tough for them to balance their job and their family, versus 52% of men.

What's the division of labor like at your house?  Do you fight about it? Do you think it's a fair division?

I know personally, Bub and I struggle with work vs. family and we're constantly trying to make sure we do as much as we can around the house in order to help each other.  So I guess it's pretty fair.  Depending on what's going on in our lives at the time, he might do  more for a while, then I'll do more for a while, and it goes back and forth.  I just can't wait until the kids are old enough to do it all, or I can afford a cleaning person...whichever comes first!

Carsten/Three Lions/Getty Images