Coy Bowles and John Driskell Hopkins are two of the longer tenured members of the Zac Brown Band. These two very talented musicians have seen and experienced quite a bit during their journey to stardom.  Before they took the stage at SPAC on Saturday night, Coy and John from the Zac brown Band spent a few minutes backstage talking about the bands' obsession with college football and a few ambitious cover song attempts, that didn't turn out so well when they hit the stage.

Coy and John were a lot of fun to talk to.  Our interview backstage at SPAC, took place at a time when college football Saturday was in full throat.  From our interview spot, you could clearly see band members and road crew huddled around a big TV,  watching college football, and I figured this was as good a time as any to ask them about Zac and the boys' obsession with it.  The conversation then switched to their incredible musical abilities and risks they take on-stage when performing some cover songs.  Admittedly, they've had plenty of up, and plenty of downs and they shared with us some humorous stories of cover song fails.

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