When I think of drinking out with my friends, there are a few ways that I could seriously hurt myself but the vessel that I'm drinking it out of wouldn't be my first guess.

Health professionals are now warning people who drink Moscow Mules out of copper cups to be weary of the cups themselves. The drink includes citrus like lime juice and ginger beer and a version could be made with any liquor. Traditionally, it's supposed to come in copper mugs but those copper mugs could actually be poisoning you. The type of cup you're looking for are stainless steel. They look copper on the outside but lined with silver on the inside.

The acid in the cocktail has too low of a pH, according to News10 ABC, can work against the copper metal and release copper into your system. If you've been poisoned, you'll feel stomach pains and "unpleasant trips to the bathroom" with diarrhea, vomiting, and jaundice. Alos note, that also includes wine, vinegar, fruit juice and any other beverage with a pH below 6.

You can still drink your Moscow Mules, Kentucky Mules, etc out of a copper-looking glass but just be sure they're actually made with stainless steel.

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