From coyote urine to snakeskin shoes, online shoppers in New York are purchasing some weird stuff!

Yes, you read that correctly. Coyote urine. That is one of the items (Is that an item???) online shoppers search for the most in the state of New York, according to Estately. They recently looked at Google Trends data to determine the items shoppers are searching for the most in each state. Some other New York doozies?

  • Fur clothing
  • Wearable towel
  • Tracksuit
  • Women’s tracksuits (The most searched item in New York)
  • Plaid golf pants
  • Snakeskin shoes
  • Platform sneakers
  • Hemp necklace
  • Hemp bracelet

No wonder these shoppers are buying this stuff online, right? But not as whacky as some other states. Look at these most search items - gems I tell ya!

  • South Dakota: Exploding kittens
  • Colorado: Borat mankini
  • Oklahoma: Zombie survival kit
  • New Jersey: Gucci fanny pack

You can see all the whacky items searched for in each state here. Now excuse me while I go order coyotes urine and a new tracksuit on Amazon.

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