Did you know that there's a way for police K-9s to tell you that they're in a car that's too hot? Did you know that you can help save them?

The Albany County Sheriff's office is going viral because of a post they wrote based on some training that their K-9s have to help save their lives, according to News Channel 13.

Sometimes police officers have to go into situations where they don't need their K9 partner. In those circumstances, they temporarily leave their canine partners in the vehicles. You'll notice on the side of the K9 vehicles is a sticker that says "Attention! Horn beeping Dial 911."

While the officers are taking care of someone, they leave their car temperature regulated but in certain circumstances, it still gets too hot for the dog. As Senior Investigator Kayla Apple with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office said, "Let's say for instance in the summer the air conditioning turns off or the car fails and we're away from the car for a short period of time answering a call the windows would go down, a fan goes on in the back with the dog and the horn beeps."

So if you hear a horn beeping on a police car, especially a K9 Unit vehicle, call 911 and help save the police dog from the heat!

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