Most baseball fans in attendance, and watching on TV, will remember last nights Yankee game for the heartbreaking way the season came to an end at the expense of the Red Sox. For many other fans, especially here in the Capital Region, we will remember the heartwarming way the game began: with classy, warm, touching tribute that honored the victims of the Schoharie tragedy.

Before the Bombers and Sox took to the field in game 4 of the ALDS, the Yankees - as classy as they are historic - paid tribute to the 20 lives lost in the limo bus crash that has left many of us here in the Capital Region numb.

The image - complete with a warm candle and iconic NY logo - flashed before the game started on the huge stadium scoreboard that read:

Our Thoughts And  Prayers To The Victims Of Schoharie, NY

Simple, classy, and very much appreciated.  We tip our cap to you for thinking of us.

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