Graham Bell competed in 5 Olympics in his day, but let's be honest at 47 years old his day was a long time ago. He however braves the downhill course that this year's Olympic skiers are saying is terrifying. The best part, is he does it holding a hand held camera so we can get a first hand look at what it is like for these athletes!

This guy is crazy. not only does he fly down this course holding a camera in one hand, he does it with no poles and does great commentary all the way down. You would think that with today's technology he could have had a camera mounted on his helmet or something, but I gotta tell ya, this came out great. I'm not sure if I am most impressed with the skiing or the great camera work!

The best part is we get a great look at this mountain and the course that Body Miller said, "Would kill you". Take a look and share it with your friends who will be watching the Olympic games this year, it should make them just a bit more exiting.

Here is a look at the course from a distance, CRAZY!

Getty Images
Getty Images


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