You can buy tiny homes made from shipping containers and have it delivered anywhere you want. Would you try one in our area?

The "tiny home" thing has been going for a few years now. I know I wouldn't want one, but I can accept that it might work for some people and the lifestyle they want. They are relatively affordable, energy efficient, and you can move them with you if you decide to pack up and leave town.

I saw these tiny houses for sale on Amazon and got to thinking about just how cold it is this week in the Capital Region. Could these really work in an area that gets a lot of snow and has bitter-cold winters?

Maybe. I don't know how well insulated these tiny houses are. Green Matters has a profile of these houses that claims 'containers also have great insulation to keep things at the temperature you need,' but I am still skeptical about how well they would stand up to a New York winter.

There are upsides if you can make it work though. They are only $36,000, which is pretty good for a place to live. You'll need to own property someplace to put it though. Has anyone out there been inside a tiny house like this? Do you think it could work here?

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