I know this is not the first time you have heard about someone doing this, it is just sickening to me that this sort of thing could happen once let alone over and over, this story however hits an extra low.

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Arrest Photo
Arapahoe County Sheriff's Arrest Photo

It seems, A 28-year-old woman in Colorado named, Sandy Thi Nguyen ran a scam claiming that her 6 year old son had cancer. She accepted $25,000 in donations that the community had raised for her family and used some of it to take her family to Disneyland.

A nice trip for a family in crisis if that were indeed the case but her son did not have cancer, she made it up. Again, we have heard of this sort of scam before, it really takes the lowest of low to do something like this but Sandy hit a new low.

It wasn't just her community that Sandy lied to she actually , I assume to make it even more believable, convinced her 6 year old son that he had cancer and was dying! She also had her entire family convinced that he was dying as well. I can't even imagine the pain they all went through not to mention what that poor boy has suffered.

Police became suspicious about 10 days ago , investigated, recovered $23,000 of the money and Sandy has been arrested on 2 felony counts of fraud and theft. I have to wonder though, what sort of penalty do you think someone who does this should get?

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